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February 13, 2008 - Operations: A Primer Conference

Life Cycle of a Deal

  • Underwriting - Loan Market Participant Roles
  • Syndication Process
  • Public vs. Private Information
  • Allocation to Loan Market Participants
  • Sub-Allocation by Loan Market Participants and Execution of Documentation

Angela Gambardella, INVESCO - Click here to View Presentation
Bob Partee, Citigroup - Click here to View Presentation
Andrea Shkane, Credit Suisse - Click here to View Presentation

Understanding Deals and Facilities

  • Term Loans
  • Revolving Credit Lines
  • Letters of Credit
  • Credit Linked Deposits
  • First Out/First Loss Structures

Julia Kingsbury, Credit Suisse
Christine Scaffidi, Commerzbank AG

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Closing of Deal

  • Closing Logistics – Who is Doing What and When?
  • Know Your Customer - Sarbanes Oxley
  • Assignment Recordation on Agents’ Books and Records
  • Purchase Price Calculations for Primary Trades

Sophia Sgarbi, JPMorgan Chase
Michael Cerniglia, UBS

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Loan Servicing – On-Going Maintenance

  • Borrowings, Paydowns, Amortizations
  • Mandatory vs. Optional Pre-payments
  • Interest Rate Types and Accrual Methodologies
  • Fee Types and Accrual Methodologies
  • Credit Event: the Affects on Consents and Interest
  • Borrower Consent

Michelle Rosolinsky, Lehman Brothers

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Life Cycle of a Trade

  • Role of the Trading Desk
  • Secondary Trading vs. Primary Trading (When Issued Trades)
  • Par Trade vs. Distressed Trade
  • Assignments vs. Participations and Sub-Participations (Lenders of Record vs. Participants)
  • Trading Pro-Rata vs. Non Pro-Rata

Brad Dudley, Morgan StanleyClick here to View Presentation
Lacary Sharpe, Apollo Capital ManagementClick here to View Presentation

Standard Par/Near Par Trades

  • Par/Near Par Trade Confirmation
  • Standard Terms and Conditions for Par/Near Par Trade Confirmation
  • Obtaining Consents: Agent, Borrower and Issuing Banks
  • Transfer Provisions in the Credit Agreement

Nicole Andrews, Ares Capital Management
Beth Cesari, State Street
Gerard Jordan & Gina Walsh, Morgan Stanley

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Funding Memos - Secondary Trades

  • Delayed Compensation
  • Accruals, PIK and Fees

Sidney Bridges and Laura Sweet, Bank of America
Ellen Hefferan, LSTA

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Distressed Trades

  • What Causes a Credit to go from Par to Distressed?
  • Shift Date Polls
  • Distressed Trade Confirmation
  • Standard Terms and Conditions for Distressed Trade Confirmation
  • Events of Default – Bankruptcy Proceedings Overview

Neelima Veluvolu, JPMorgan Chase
Andrew Opel, Silver Point Capital

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