LSTA Conference: Sneak Preview

August 16, 2018 - Managing Risk. Optimizing the Future.

These are the themes of the LSTA Annual Loan Conference on October 24th – and, indeed, of the loan market today. There are many ways that we are managing risk: At the highest level, we are managing economic uncertainty, trade friction and geopolitical risk. Fortunately for us, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, the President of the American Action Forum, former director of the Congressional Budget Office and John McCain’s 2008 economic advisor, will give us insight into the Economic Road Ahead. We will use these insights as we drill into loan growth, pricing, covenant and document trends, and risk management in the Primary and Secondary Loan Market sessions.

But there is so much more change looming. Remember that, not that long ago, lenders were lending to Yellow Pages and Blockbuster – sectors that have been competed out of existence. Today, the fate of old school retail is an open question. And more change is on the horizon. For instance, the Sharing Economy looms. If people move from buying stuff (cars, clothes) to sharing stuff (Uber, Rent the Runway), what happens to the Old Economy? (Expert April Rinne will explain.) And to bring it home to us: What happens to industries that finance the Old Economy? We will tackle these big questions – and discuss the impact on the loan market.

We will also cover technological changes – AI, Quantum Computing, Blockchain – and the promise and peril it holds for us. We’ll tackle regulation in several ways. First, Former SEC Commissioner and Acting Chair Mike Piwowar will share his view of regulation past, present and future. Of course, the biggest potential “regulatory” change is the switch from LIBOR to SOFR. We talk about exactly what is happening with Sandie O’Connor, the 6th most powerful woman in banking … and the face of the transition in the U.S.

And then there is your own personal future. The LSTA Conference has been reimagined to offer more personal growth and connection opportunities – from a Young Professionals Networking Breakfast to a Power Lunch to all-day Networking Lounges to a Charity Cocktail Party at night. And, by the way, we expect 1,200 of your existing and new professional friends to be there. We hope you join us on October 24th for the Loan Market Event of the Season! Registration and Full Agenda will be available in a week.

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