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Looking Out at the Green Horizon

[…] published global Green Loan Principles in December. (For more information about the Green Loan Principles, click here.) At the seminar, institutional investors also shared…

Managing Risk: Optimizing The Future

[…] but interest both from borrowers and investors is building. The investor push will be an important contributor to the growth and that demand will…

Loans: It’s Good to Be Green

An area of increasing attention in the US loan market is ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). Thomson Reuters LPC reports global green and sustainable loan…

Green Loans

Presented by Gemma Lawrence-Pardew of LMA, Tess Virmani of the LSTA and Nicholas Pfaff of ICMA at the 2018 LSTA and LMA Joint Conference in…

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LIBOR: The Last 30 Days

The last 30 days of LIBOR! Tess Virmani shares how the LSTA is looking at it.