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FRBNY, LSTA and Credit Sensitivity

In January, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (“FRBNY”) invited the LSTA to present to its Credit Sensitivity Group (“CSG”) on i) lessons learned…

The Rise of Sustainability Linked Loans

[…] Principles and the core components that the framework sets forth, the speakers looked at each in turn: 1) relationship of the selected SPTs to…

What is ESG-Linked Lending and Why Do We Care?

[…] Sustainability Linked Loan Principles in March. This high-level framework identifies four core components for sustainability-linked loans: the relationship of the sustainability performance targets to…

Sustainability Linked Loans Published

[…] understand the key characteristics of sustainability linked loans, based around the following four components which are designed to facilitate transparency and disclosure. Relationship to…

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Climate Disclosures Must be Material

Tess Virmani weighs in on the SEC’s climate-related disclosure proposal, the LSTA’s response and what it could mean for the loan market.