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LIBOR, Loans and Ops

(updated on April 26, 2018)  - There were three major happenings on the LIBOR/SOFR front this week. First, on April 24th, overnight SOFR and overnight…

LIBOR & SOFR: Spread Adjustments

Folks that know LIBOR is likely to end soon after December 2021 probably also know that SOFR, the likely replacement for USD loans, is a…

LIBOR Fallback (Consultations) Are Here!

(updated September 25, 2018) - On Monday, the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC) released two LIBOR fallback consultations – one for syndicated business loans and…

“End-of-LIBOR” Debate

LIBOR – and the LIBOR-OIS spread – has been rising rapidly in recent months.  What does this mean for the loan market – and for…

LIBOR Transition: One Week…and 18 Months

It’s been an eventful LIBOR fortnight, and the LSTA is right there with you. On Monday, November 30th, the ICE Benchmark Administration (“IBA”) announced its…

LIBOR is Still Ending – but More Safely

Monday, November 30th saw a flurry of announcements from the Federal Reserve, the OCC, the Fed, the Ice Benchmark Association (IBA), the UK Financial Conduct…

LIBOR: Free Fallbacking

On April 25th, the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (“ARRC”) released its recommended LIBOR fallback language for U.S. dollar business loans and FRNs. The LSTA, as…

LIBOR: A Process, Not a Problem (II)

As LIBOR continues to create headlines in a sleepy August market, we wanted to update LSTA members on a number of issues. First, we recap…

LIBOR: The SEC Speaks

A number of global regulators have been warning institutions that i) LIBOR is ceasing, ii) transition plans are critical and iii) it’s (past) time to…

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