The LSTA is producing a series of short videos on blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology.  In each video, the LSTA’s Deputy General Counsel, Bridget Marsh, interviews Joe Dewey, partner of Holland & Knight, and one of the authors of “The Blockchain: A Guide for Legal and Business Professionals”.  The first introductory video released this year explains that blockchain is simply a database or a ledger, and like any traditional database – such as an Excel spreadsheet — it can store any type of data (for example, a person’s name, age, and address). However, unlike a traditional centralized database with one authoritative copy of a critical ledger maintained on a centralized ledger by a trusted party such as a central bank, blockchains are maintained in a decentralized manner with transactions stored on computers connected to a common network via the Internet.   Blockchain is actually a collection of technologies that, when taken together, allow for a unique way of information sharing between participants on a network.  Broadly those technologies, many of which existed for years before the emergence of blockchain, include (i) distributed peer-to-peer network communication (as opposed to a network where people tie into a central system of communication on a server), and (ii) public key encryption to control ownership of or rights to the information on the ledger. With distributed ledger technology, there is not a single authoritative copy.  Instead, everybody who is a participant in this distributed peer-to-peer network maintains a copy of the ledger.

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LSTA Publishes its Second Credit Agreement

Today the LSTA published a new addition to its document library – the LSTA’s Form of Credit Agreement – Investment Grade Term Loan. This form is designed for a standalone term loan for investment grade borrowers.

LSTA Newsletter – January 17, 2020

A short one this week: one article on the borrower’s arguments for “hardwired” LIBOR fallbacks, and another article on the latest in what the LSTA is doing in the ESG space. Oh–and a friendly reminder to treat MLK Day as a holiday for delayed comp purposes.

LSTA’s Recap of Brexit: Britain To Withdraw

Today, the LSTA hosted a webinar, “Brexit: Britain to Withdraw on January 31st”, presented by Clifford Chance Partner, Simon Crown. The UK has been stuck in a holding pattern since the 2016 Brexit referendum, but that was broken by the results of the UK’s General Election, which took place on December 12th, when the UK’s Conservative Party were returned to government with a strong majority in the House of Commons.