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Weekly LIBOR Q&A Call

The LSTA has initiated a weekly live LIBOR Q&A call on Monday afternoons at 3PM(ET). This call is intended to address LIBOR questions coming into the LSTA.

Digital Asset Financing – Market Update

Since 2018, the transactions in digital assets – secured lending, swaps, repos – have matured and evolved nearly as much as the underlying digital assets. That maturity has come in the form of more complex transactions and necessitated the development of more standardized structures and documentation. Presented by Yevgeniy Feldman, Director at Institutional Services, BlockFi, Inc., Matthew Frankle, Partner at Haynes and Boone, LLP, Alexander Grisham, Partner at Haynes and Boone, LLP and Rene van Kesteren, Chief Risk Officer & Head of Global Markets at BlockFi, Inc. Presentation and replay now available to LSTA Members.

The New Investment Adviser Marketing Rule: Everything You Need to Know

Last December, the SEC adopted significant amendments to its existing rules under the Investment Advisers Act governing advertising by investment advisers and cash payments to solicitors. As a result of these amendments, as of May 4, 2021, there will be a single rule—new Rule 206(4)-1—which more comprehensively addresses requirements and prohibitions relating to investment adviser marketing and solicitation activities. Presented by David Dickstein, Partner of Katten Muchin & Rosenman LLP, Richard Marshall, Partner of Katten Muchin & Rosenman LLP and Amanda Segal, Partner of Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP. Presentation and Replay is now available to LSTA Members.

The 1Q21 Secondary Trading & Settlement Presentation

The LSTA presented the results of the 1Q21 Secondary Trading & Settlement Study and discussed key trends and analysis that will shape the direction of the market in 2021. Presented by Ted Basta, EVP of Market Analytics and Investor Strategy. Presentation now available to Full and Associate Members.

Ops Series 6: CLO Compliance – Operational Focus in 2021

The CLO market entered 2021 with a full head of steam. The post COVID market has primed an environment ready for new issuance, refis and resets. How can the impact of LIBOR transition and new technology solutions help participants scale their back office? Our panelists discussed these topics and how best to navigate the CLO market in 2021. Presented by Mark Bennett, Head of CLO Compliance Analytics, IHS Markit, Thomas Gough, MD, Head of Middle Office, CIFC Asset Management, Tracey Luttenegger, CLO Compliance Product Manager, IHS Markit, Alison McDevitt, Loan Operations Manager, Shenkman Capital Management and Lauren Schultz, Director of Portfolio Operations, AIG Credit Management. Presentation and replay now available to LSTA Members.

Ops Series 5: Tech Terms Everyone Should Know…Translated Into English

Technology plays such a significant role in efficient operations; however, do you ever feel that you would benefit from a better understanding of technology concepts today? Members joined us as our speakers demystify technology for you, providing you with the tools to be part of the IT conversation. Presented by Jason Boyer, Global Sales Enablement Manager for Lending, Finastra, Ellen Hefferan, EVP of Operations and Accounting, LSTA, Nicole Henry, VP, Client Development, Loan Ecosystems LLC and Dr. Lewis Z. Liu, CEO and Co-Founder, Eigen Technologies. Presentation and replay now available to LSTA Members.

Ops Series 4: Operational Risk and Why We Need More Than *Cosmetic* Changes to Documents

Business managers must identify, own, and manage operational risks and the controls that mitigate the identified risks. This panel explored those risks, considering recent events, and provide documentation, workflow and behavior changes to avoid operational losses. Presented by Ellen Hefferan, EVP of Operations and Accounting, LSTA, Matthew James Moore, Director, Non-Financial Risk Management, Deutsche Bank, Michael Richardson, VP, Senior Consultant, Alternative Asset Services, Northern Trust and John Schmidt, SVP, Blackstone Credit. Presentation and replay now available to LSTA Members.

Ops Series 3: Private Credit – Would Standards Be Helpful?

Should the private credit investment world continue to expand, will operational expertise and technology that is scalable and automated be required? Our panel discussed recent trends in direct lending, offer comparisons to the syndicated loan market and determine if operational best practices and procedures would facilitate entry into this arena. Presented by Rob Healey, Director, Credit Suisse Asset Management, Jeremiah Loeffler, COO, Crestline Investors, Inc. and Ryan Morick, Managing Director, AlterDomus. Presentation and replay available for LSTA Members.

Ops Series 2: LIBOR Transition: This Is It!

Banking regulators have said new LIBOR loans must cease "as soon as practicable", but definitely no later than 12/31/21. This means you'll be doing post-LIBOR Ops in 6 months! Do you know how? This panel discussed how to actually operationalize different post-LIBOR rates...all at the same time! Presented by Heather Bronson, SVP, Syndicated and Corporate Lending Operations Executive, Bank of America, Meredith Coffey, EVP of Research & Public Policy, LSTA, Maggie Klinedinst, VP, ISG Product Operations, Morgan Stanley and Burke Malek, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, KKR Credit. Presentation and replay is now available to LSTA Members.

Ops Series 1: Connecting the Dots Between Lenders and Admin Agents

Are you aware of settlement and servicing issues that affect how the primary and secondary market functions on a day-to-day basis? Our panelists took a deep dive into concerns and questions raised on both sides of the aisle to walk a path to standardization and efficiency. Presented by Ellen Hefferan, EVP of Operations and Accounting, LSTA, David Lee, Senior Analyst, Trading Operations, Fidelity Investments, Elaine Mahon, Senior Principal, Bank Loans, Invesco, Brian O'Neill, SVP, Group Operations Manager, Syndicated & Corporate Lending, Bank of America, Steven Connolly, Executive Director, Head of North America Loan & Agency Operations, JP Morgan. Presentation and replay now available to LSTA Members.

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Flooring It! LIBOR vs. SOFR

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Digital Asset Financing – Market Update

The LSTA hosted a webinar, Digital Asset Financing - Market Update, presented by Alexander Grisham and Matthew Frankle of Haynes and Boone LLP and Rene…