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Fallback Language Still Evolving?

By Tess Virmani. With seven months left to go before LIBOR originations are expected to cease, fallback language has evolved once again as reported by…

LSTA Unpacks Hardwired Fallback Language

As recently reported, on Monday the FCA, the IBA and US banking regulators made a number of announcements relevant to LIBOR transition which were (quite…

755 Reasons To Go Hardwired

With less than 450 days remaining until the end of 2021, the loan market’s focus on the transition away from LIBOR has increased considerably (and…

LIBOR Fallbacks: Syncing Loans and CLOs

As even most grandmothers now know, LIBOR – the world’s most important number – may end after 2021. For this reason, responsible loan market participants…

LIBOR Fallbacks: The Market Responds

LIBOR is somehow simultaneously both a pressing issue and a slow-motion market upheaval. A first step to avoiding the upheaval scenario is the development of…

ARRC Consultation Period Ends

On September 24th ARRC released a market consultation on LIBOR fallback contract language for new originations of LIBOR syndicated business loans. On Monday, the comment…

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The End of the ARRC

The End of the ARRC! If the quasi-public sector body has wound itself down, that’s a good sign that we’re done with LIBOR transition.