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Revlon Mistaken Payment: Don’t Banc on It.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (“2nd Circuit”) this week denied two motions filed by the defendants in the Revlon mistaken…

Citi/Revlon Oral Argument: Certifiable?

By Elliot Ganz. As widely reported, in August 2020 Citibank made a mistaken $900 million payment to the lenders in a loan to Revlon that…

Revlon – Mistaken Payments Cutoff Dates

By Bridget Marsh. Following the court’s decision in the Revlon Case in February, administrative agents have been including specific provisions in new credit agreements.

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Recent Sustainable Lending Updates: Part 3

Recently the APLMA, LMA and LSTA published updated versions of the Green Loan Principles, Social Loan Principles, Sustainability-Linked Principles and related Guidance. The final versions…