Syndicated Loan Market Advocacy & Regulatory

The LSTA advocates on behalf of the loan market, and focuses on critical matters (regulations under Dodd-Frank, Leveraged Lending Guidance, FATCA and Bankruptcy reform) that could dramatically affect the loan market and the broader economy.

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Oct 30, 2017

Comment Letter on “Request for Information Pertaining to Production of Rates”

In response to the “Request for Information Relating to the Production of Rates”, the LSTA submitted a letter to the Federal Reserve discussing the impact of a transition from LIBOR to SOFR (or another reference rate) on the U.S. syndicated loan market. The letter discusses key stakeholders in the syndicated loan market and why they care about the transition from LIBOR to a new reference rate. In addition, the letter addressed Question 3 “Are there any changes to one or more of these rates that would make them more useful? For what purposes?” 

Apr 7, 2017

Risk Retention Letter to Treasury

In response to a recent Executive Order from president Trump outlining “Core Principles” for financial regulation and seeking suggestions for streamlining financial regulation, the LSTA submitted a letter to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin.  The letter outlines why the application of the Dodd-Frank risk retention provides no benefits but causes substantial harm to borrowers, investors, managers and, ultimately consumers, by restricting the flow of capital to American companies.  The LSTA identifies three avenues to reform and proposes that the SEC, as the agency that regulates the vast majority of managers, has the ability to exercise its authority to waive the risk retention rules for CLO managers.

Aug 18, 2016

LSTA Incentive Compensation Letter

On Thursday August 18, 2016, the Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA) submitted a comment letter to the OCC, Federal Reserve, FDIC, FHFA, NCUA and SEC in response to their notice of proposed rulemaking on Incentive-Based Compensation Arrangements.

Jul 20, 2016

2016 LSTA STS Securitization Comment Letter

On Tuesday, July 20, 2016, the Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA) submitted a comment letter to European Parliament’s ECON Rapporteur Paul Tang in response to proposed amendments to “Simple, Transparent and Standardised (STS)” Securitizations.

Jan 13, 2016

LSTA Open End Mutual Fund Liquidity Risk Comment Letter

On Wednesday, January 13, 2016, the Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA) submitted a comment letter to the SEC in response to the proposed rule on Open-End Fund Liquidity Risk Management Programs.


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