In this conversation, Lisa Schneider interviews Mitali Sohoni, the MD and Global Head of Asset-Backed Finance at Citigroup. They discuss Mitali’s background, her leadership philosophy, and the importance of mentorship. Mitali shares her approach to professional and personal development, emphasizing the value of continuous learning. She also discusses how she balances her career with being a single mom. The conversation then shifts to the trends in private credit and the role of Citigroup in this market. Finally, they discuss the value of the LSTA and its focus on education and outreach.


  • Mentorship can come from various sources, not just within your field or organization.
  • Continuous learning and personal development are essential for professional growth.
  • Balancing work and family requires prioritization and making time for what is important.
  • Private credit is a growing market, driven by regulatory changes and the void left by regional banks.
  • Citigroup is leveraging its vast network and resources to participate in the private credit market.
  • The LSTA plays a crucial role in educating the market and advocating for the industry.

Sound Bytes

00:00 – Introduction and Background
05:22 – The Role of Mentors
08:13 – Professional and Personal Development
11:40 – Balancing Work and Family
15:58 – Trends in Private Credit
21:07 – The Value of the LSTA


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Mitali Sohoni, MD and Global Head of Asset-Backed Finance, Citigroup Inc.

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