September 27, 2023 - Amy Webb, the second keynote speaker at the LSTA’s Annual Loan Market Conference on October 12th in NYC, understands that artificial intelligence has been one of the most powerful technologies of our lifetime, in the ways it has reshaped business, privacy, commerce, agriculture, warfare, healthcare, education, and even our interpersonal relationships. She is a world-renowned futurist and founder & CEO of the Future Today Institute, who answers the question, “what do we have to look forward to and what should we be worried about now as artificial intelligence continues to evolve beyond what we ever thought was possible”?

Drawing from insights from her bestselling book The Big Nine, Amy Webb will provide a high-level overview of everything your business needs to know about AI. She draws attention to custom optimistic and catastrophic scenarios your organization may face as we advance from artificial narrow intelligence to artificial general intelligence, and finally, to artificial superintelligence, and provides the tools needed to maintain agency of the future of our organizations.

Join us at the LSTA Conference, where Amy Webb will deliver her insights into the emerging tech and trends that will revolutionize the way we live and operate our business.    

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