April 3, 2024 - If you work in loan operations or tangentially to loan operations – be it as a loan closer, administrative agent in connection with settlements and/or servicing, fund administrator, trustee, custodian, internal or external technologist, relevant vendor, etc. who believes that changes to operations and technology can transform the loan market, then join us in Philadelphia on April 18th.  We will examine the modifications to processes, documentation, behavior, and technology that are necessary to meet the changing needs of our asset class.

As regulators direct their focus to the operational friction within our asset class, it is important that we recognize the pending risk of SEC action if trade settlement times are not shortened. This is a complicated issue that we will tackle as we peel the onion and determine the largest impediments to achieving this goal. 

If you are in the front office, on a trading desk, a portfolio manager, etc., we understand that your budgets are being scrutinized; however, the ROI on having an educated and engaged operations team should not be overlooked by your respective organizations. Giving them an opportunity to collaborate with their peers on a variety of topics from loan market fundamentals and nuances to trade settlement, restructurings, investor reporting, private debt vs. broadly syndicated loan transactions and next frontier of a digital future is invaluable to them and YOU. 

We will focus on messaging standards and protocols, APIs, and interoperability among systems. Key to the use of innovative technology will be understanding how we can harness digital data and artificial intelligence to our benefit. Transparent accurate real-time positions and ease of reconciliation is key to the success of a thriving market. This market can flourish neither on fax or email notifications nor with manual processes. Our panelists will explain how best to combine common business practices with the impact of digital technologies while considering cost, time, human resources and, most importantly, security. Transparent data must be secure! Pragmatic analysis by all must be done to implement process standardization and improvement.  

If operations and/or technology is your thing, you likely have more than a few opinions on how this market functions or more explicitly how it should function. Regardless of your role, you no doubt have a view on aspects that could be improved. The LSTA fully understands this, which is why all hands on deck are needed as we spend the day sharing ideas that can help us solve problems together. Attend the Operations Conference to help us help you!

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