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Credit Quality: Past, Present and Future

The loan market has enjoyed a long period of below-trend default rates. But at some point, the cycle will turn and defaults will return. The question, then, is how will today’s loan vintage perform? Below, we discuss new recovery analysis on covenant lite loans, default stats today (and tomorrow), as well as loan document quality trends thus far in 2018.

Loan Structure Revisited

Last week, we tiptoed into the issue of leverage levels, incrementals and EBITDA adjustments. This week, we go (a little) further into the weeds, discussing covenant lite default and recovery experiences (with caveats) and capital structure trends. While this is not necessarily a heartening topic, we do end with a modest silver lining.

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Draft of the ESG Diligence Questionnaire

We all saw the increase in media coverage last year of the implications of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors in the financial markets and that trend seems to only be accelerating. About a year ago we started hearing directly from our buyside members that the number of ESG questions they were receiving from end […]

SOFR: Addressing Basis Biases

As highlighted in Nomura’s Special Topics on January 24th, basis risk has been on CLO managers’ (and equity holders’) minds. While the focus generally has been on one-month/three-month LIBOR basis, basis questions also have emerged in the SOFR space.

LSTA Newsletter: January 24, 2020

This week we recap secondary trading for 2019, give an update on LIBOR transition in the U.K., and let you know that we’ve published a credit agreement for investment grade term loans.