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LSTA Annual Conference: Be a Change Agent!

On Tuesday, the LSTA hosted 1,000-plus attendees at its 22nd Annual U.S. Loan Market Conference. Executive Director Bram Smith kicked off the day – and his last conference as LSTA Executive Director – exhorting members to be agents of positive change in the loan market.

LIBOR & Loans

The multi-year process to prepare for any possible transition from LIBOR to a new loan reference rate has accelerated to a trot. First, on October 10, 2017, the Financial Stability Board (“FSB”) published its progress report on implementation. Second, in the U.S., the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (“ARRC”) established a business loans and CLO working group to help the syndicated loan market prepare for any transition from LIBOR to a new reference rate.

Treasury and Sensible FinReg Reform

At ABS East this week, the LSTA (Meredith Coffey), SFIG (Sairah Burki), CREFC (Mike Flood) and NAIC (Eric Kolchinsky) got together to discuss regulation and the securitization markets, with a particular focus on what (and how) sensible FinReg reforms may materialize. We discuss the takeaways below. 

LIBOR Update: One Small Step for SOFR

The multi-year march toward a LIBOR fallback/replacement for derivatives (and possibly loans) has taken another step. On August 27, 2017, the Federal Reserve issued a “Request for Information Relating to Production of Rates”. Behind this unprepossessing title is a call for public feedback on what might become the LIBOR replacement for derivatives. (Any loan fallback would almost definitely require adjustments.) We discuss the background, the Fed’s request and possible LSTA action below.

LIBOR: A Process, Not a Problem (II)

As LIBOR continues to create headlines in a sleepy August market, we wanted to update LSTA members on a number of issues. First, we recap the current state of preparation for a possible LIBOR transition or disruption.  Second, we discuss principles for IBOR fallbacks in the derivatives space. Third, in the loan space, we discuss potential stakeholders (and their needs), and, fourth, provide very early thoughts on how credit documentation could reduce any risk of a market disruption if LIBOR were permanently discontinued. Finally, for comparison purposes, we describe the ISDA fallback approach for IBORs.

LIBOR: Why You Should Care…And Shouldn’t Panic

Since the LIBOR speech by Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive of the FCA on July  27th, markets have been buzzing about whether LIBOR is ending, when it might end, and what loans and CLOs would do. On August 17th, the LSTA hosted a webcast walking through i) why LIBOR might end, ii) what the replacement might be, and iii) ways to approach loans and CLOs.  We recap these issues below and encourage you to visit our LIBOR webcast page for slides and a replay.

LIBOR: Why You Should Care…And Shouldn’t Panic

Regulations and senior financial market professionals have been developing LIBOR fallbacks (in case LIBOR become unavailable) and a possible process to transition from LIBOR to a new reference rate. To get more insight open to see the presentation which is available to our Members.

LIBOR (Transition) in the Loan Market

As conversations around LIBOR alternatives continue, the FT reported on Wednesday that “the death of Libor may be exaggerated, particularly in US markets” despite the market buzz following last week’s speech by the Chief Executive of the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA has announced it will no longer require banks to submit quotes for LIBOR rates in sterling by the end of 2021, but that does not mean that ICE could not continue to publish the dollar rate. 

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Membership in the LSTA offers numerous benefits and opportunities. Chief among them is the opportunity to participate in the decision making process that ultimately establishes loan market standards, develops market practices, and influences the market’s direction.

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LSTA Newsletter – October 18, 2019

This week, we start by announcing that the LSTA is developing a “SOFR Compounded in Arrears” concept credit agreement. It is one more tool to help members internalize what a SOFR Loan Market might look like. Next, we provide an updated suite of documents on Primary Delayed Compensation. Finally, we offer a brief update on LSTA […]

Flashforward: LSTA Releases Draft SOFR “Concept Credit Agreement”

On October 1st the LSTA took the next step in its efforts to educate market participants on replacement benchmarks by distributing a draft “concept credit agreement” referencing a compounded average of daily SOFRs calculated in arrears (“Compounded SOFR in Arrears”).

LSTA Advocacy Update

Over the past two weeks the LSTA has continued its political advocacy with legislators and regulators on issues of importance to the loan market. Last week, Meredith Coffey and Elliot Ganz, Co-heads of the LSTA’s Public Policy Group, had the opportunity to join Congressman Greg Meeks (D. NY) for a free-ranging discussion over breakfast.

Primary Delayed Comp: Revised Drafts Released

The LSTA released revised drafts this week of the LSTA trading documents to be used in connection with the new Primary Delayed Compensation Protocol. Below are links to the clean drafts and blacklined documents marked to show changes since the last versions sent to you for your review.