The LSTA has initiated a weekly live LIBOR Q&A call on Monday afternoons at 3PM (ET). This call is intended to address LIBOR questions coming into the LSTA. There are two ways to ask questions:

  • You can ask questions live on the call
  • You can email your question to LIBOR information and we will collect these questions and answer them on the call


Next Call Scheduled For Monday, January 24, 2022
3PM to 4PM (ET)
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DOCUMENTS TO VIEW (30) FCA: Changes to LIBOR as of end-2021 *New* IRS Guidance on the Transition from Interbank Offered Rates to Other Reference Rates *New* ARRC Statement LIBOR Tenors Legislation ARRC NYS LIBOR Legislation FAQs FCA Article 23d Benchmark Regulation – Draft Notice of Requirements FCA Further Arrangements for the Orderly Wind-down of LIBOR at end-2021 Bloomberg Short-Term Bank Yield Index *New* Practical Law Article, Current Trends in Hardwired LIBOR Fallback Language ARRC Press Release SOFR Symposium IV NY Legislation New York Fed Terms of Use ICE LIBOR Feedback Statement on Consultation on Potential Cessation FCA Announcement on Future Cessation and Loss Representativeness of the LIBOR Benchmarks Bloomberg IBOR Fallbacks Bank of England Use Cases of Benchmark Rates: Compounded in Arrears, Term Rate and Further Alternatives Practical Law – Current Trends in LIBOR Successor Rate Provisions ARRC Dec. 9th Meeting Minutes ARRC FAQs ARRC Guide on the Endgame for USD LIBOR ISDA: The Path Forward for LIBOR Financial Services Bill ICE Benchmark Administration to Consult On Its Intention to Cease the Publication of GBP, EUR, CHF and JPY LIBOR FCA Consults on New Benchmarks Powers FCA’s Benchmarks Regulation: Proposed New Powers, Policy and Decison-Making ARRC Contractual Fallback Language ARRC Releases The SOFR Starter Kit ISDA Pre-Cessation Re-Consultation Report ARRC PR for Vendors’ Transition to SOFR ISDA LIBOR Pre-Cessation Fallbacks ARRC Press Release 2020 Objectives Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan ARRC Spread Adjustment Methodology

We also will collect the questions to develop a LIBOR FAQ. We hope this an efficient way to answer (to the best of our abilities) all the questions emerging from LSTA Members.

In the meantime, please refer to the LSTA’s The Great Migration Away From LIBOR for LIBOR insights.

Q&A Weekly Call

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